Domestic waste paper AIS intelligent sorting and recycling system

How to handle waste paper

Daily waste paper will contain a lot of tape and rags. Even metal and other impurities, according to statistics, the content is about 5%, after pretreatment, the purity of the paper can reach 99.5%

Waste paper and leather analysis

Because the materials in each place are different, we make the most reasonable sorting plan based on your raw materials.


Waste tape

Can remove the tape doped in waste paper for you


Waste paper unpacking

Solve the broken and broken paper of waste paper for you


Discarded cloth

Solve the removal of discarded fabrics for you

Related sorting equipment

For the disposal of discarded paper, we recommend the following equipment


Magnetic separator

Separator can help you solve metal waste paper and ensure follow-up your device to work properly



The crusher can solve the broken piece of paper for you to carry out the next sorting


NIR spectrum sorting machine

NIR spectrum sorting machine can solve the sorting of paper skin, and the impurities such as metal and rag can be removed.