Stainless steel air knife sorting and recyling

Stainless steel air knife sorting machine

DThe stainless steel air knife sorting machine is an intelligent metal Fen sorting device that can accurately and quickly identify metals. It can sort all metals at one time. Common metals such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and zinc can be sorted.

Separable metal material

In theory, all metals can be sorted, but it is decided according to the material.


Abandoned stainless steel metal


Waste metal zinc


Waste metal copper


Abandoned metal aluminum

Sorting equipment

Determine the device based on whether it contains multiple metals in your material


Metal sorting machine

Metal sorting machine can sort a variety of metals, whether it is iron, copper, aluminum, zinc, as long as it is a common metal can be sorted


Eddy current sorter

The eddy current sorter can only sort aluminum and copper, and cannot sort other metals.