Intelligent crushing cleaning and recyling system

Broken cleaning line

The broken cleaning line can solve the problem of cleaning waste and prevent pollution. In particular, the pollution of discarded medical waste can be safely disposed of. Generally can be used for light cleaning of scrap tailings, WEEE material cleaning and recycling, PP/PE film cleaning and recycling, HDPE bottle material cleaning and recycling, waste refrigerator material recycling, daily garbage recycling and medical waste waste cleaning and recycling, etc.

Intelligent crushing cleaning and recyling system

Here is an example of a salt water bottle


Scrap tailings crushing cleaning treatment

After the scrap tail material is broken, impurities such as dust can be reduced, and the sorting result can be well preprocessed by the cleaning line sorting.


HDPE bottle material

Some contaminants may remain in the HOPE bottle, and cleaning with a cleaning line can reduce material contamination.


Electronic waste cleaning and recycling

The electronic waste contains more impurities, and must be cleaned after tail cleaning before the next equipment can be sorted to ensure the purity of the sorting.


Refrigerator material

Daily waste can be cleaned by washing line to increase sorting purity


Film material cleaning and recycling

The film material generally contains more sediment. If it is not cleaned by the cleaning line, direct sorting will cause the machine to operate abnormally.


Medical waste

Medical waste contains a lot of residual pharmaceutical ingredients, which can lead to contamination of other materials if not processed directly by the cleaning line.

Related sorting equipment

The selected color machine equipment is different depending on the material.


Scrap tailings crushing cleaning treatment

Breaking through the crusher for the next sorting


Specific gravity sorting machine

The gravity sorter separates the light and heavy positions of the medical waste, and selects the silicone machine or the color sorter to process the sorting and recycling according to the material.


Electronic waste cleaning and recycling

Cleaning waste materials to prevent pollution


Silicone sorting machine

Sorting the silica material in the medical waste, leaving the other recycled materials


Film material cleaning and recycling

Sort out different materials in waste medical waste

The above is the broken medical bottle recycling program, other please refer to the solution page