Scrap steel AIS intelligent sorting and recyling

About your scrap tailings, we can create a complete solution for your sorting

AIS sorting and recyling system for plastic electrostatic sorting

Solve all kinds of waste plastic sorting solutions for you

Domestic waste paper AIS intelligent sorting and recycling system

Which contains a lot of tape cardboard, metal, rags and other impurities, we can help you separate good deal

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Intelligent crushing cleaning and recyling system

Suitable for waste tailings cleaning and recycling system, PP / PE film and woven bag cleaning and recycling system, HDPE bottle material cleaning and recycling system, waste refrigerator cleaning and recycling system, medical waste cleaning and recycling system

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Stainless steel air knife sorting and recyling

The stainless steel air knife sorter is a smart metal sorting device that accurately and quickly identifies metals and classifies all metals at once.

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Color sorting scheme

We can classify agricultural, industrial, metal, ore materials for you.

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