Scrap steel AIS intelligent sorting and recyling

How to deal with scrap tailings

Scrap tailings AIS intelligent sorting line through air separation, drum screen, magnetic separator, eddy current sorting, stainless steel air knife sorting, silicone rubber sorting, plastic material sorting, color sorting machine and other material sorting process Efficiently sorting the materials such as copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, rubber and plastic (ABS/PS/PP/PE/PC/PET) contained in the scrap tailings.

Please refer to the following products for specific related sorting equipment.

Scrap tailings component analysis

Because the materials in each place are different, we make the most reasonable sorting plan based on your raw materials.


Common scrap material

There are too many impurities mixed in the common scrap steel materials, and this part contains more ingredients for your analysis.


Waste stainless steel

The content of scrap stainless steel is generally relatively more.


Waste aluminum, scrap iron, scrap copper,

The content of copper and aluminum is also quite a lot.


Other metal broken materials

Contains some other small metal materials as well as dust, wood, etc.


Silicone waste

Waste material containing some silica gel


Contains some broken plastic

There may be a variety of ABS/PS/PP/PA in plastics, we can sort them.

Related sorting equipment

For the above scrap tailings, we recommend the relevant equipment for you.


Air Separation Plant

The air separation plant can solve the dust particles contained in the preliminary sorting, so that the original waste is more convenient for the next sorting.



Tumbler screens help you sort out materials of different sizes


Magnetic separator

The magnetic separator can remove iron from scrap materials for you.


Eddy current sorter

Eddy current can solve some of the metal in the scrap tailings, such as aluminum, copper, etc.


Stainless steel sorting machine

Stainless steel sorting machine can solve the sorting of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, the purity can reach 95%


Silicone sorting machine

Silicone sorter can solve rubber products in scrap tailings


Crushing and washing line

The broken cleaning line can solve the residual waste metal and garbage in the remaining waste, and preprocess the plastic sorting for the next step.


Electrostatic sorting machine

Electrostatic sorting machine can handle a variety of waste plastic sorting for you


Color Sorter

The treated plastic can be sorted by a color sorter to achieve higher purity.

More detailed scrap material plan

The above is just a preliminary sorting method. We will add or delete other equipment in different places according to the different materials. For further details, please contact us at