Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500

Wesupply110KW Electrostatic Plastics separator 2018highqualitywithCE certificateYearWarranty.Wedevotedourselvesto
sorting plastic5years,coveringalmostall ofplastic.Weareexpecting

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Electrostatic Plastics separator
  • produce introduction of Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500

Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500 is the latest invention high quality with CE with CE certificate 1 Year Warranty. In order to ensure normal operation of the captain during electrostatic separation, ABB high quality motor, EASYCON PLC control system, WINPARK temperature controller, kunlun state touch screen and YIJIA industrial control relay are selected.

  • product parameter (specification) of Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500

Plan No.

Product Name



Output Capacity


Electrostatic Plastics Separator-HB1500

Electrostatic Plastics Separator  * 1

width:5100mm ;


Feedling Silo * 1

Screw conveyor * 3

Bucket Convegor * 7


  • Product feature and application of the Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500

1)      Applied to the mixed plastics that can not be separated by the density of the flotation process

2)      Available in separting mixed plastics,such as:

a)      PET PVC

b)      PP PE

c)      PC PMMA

d)      ABS PS PP

3)      Purity: 98%-99%.

4)      Safe low current: 2mA-4mA.

5)      Power:110KW-130KW

6)      Floor Area:90-95㎡


  • production details of Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500



  • Product Qualification of Electrostatic Plastics separator-HB1500





  • deliver,Shipping And Serving of Electrostatic Plastics separator -HB1500

Delivery within 45 days

Full 1-Year Warranty;

  • FAQ

1)     Q:how about the plastic diameter deal by machine?


2)     Q:could u sort the metal by Electrostatic Plastics separator,for example copper, aluminum or zinc etc?

A:I am so sorry that can not deal with metal.

1)      Q:can u send me the detail and files of metal separator and NIR Optical Sortor?

A:metal separator and NIR Optical Sortor is still trial-praduce,we predict it will be sold in the end of December.

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