Saving resources and turning waste into revenue

Dongguan Haibao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has owned two major production bases in China: Dongguan Haibao and Jiangsu Haibao, covering an area of more than 20,000 square meters. With 16 years of experience in the solid waste sorting machine industry, Haibao has became well-known brand and lead company in China!


CEO Mr. Liu Jun, is a leader who is dedicated to his career and has far-reaching vision in the research and development of waste solid separation equipment. He has strong faith in producing the sorting machine with feeling, and hope to China know ”Haibao”, as well as the world know China’s sorting equipment. Adhering to the brand concept of “energy saving, high efficiency and green environmental protection”, Mr. Liu establishes the sorting equipment enterprise integrating active exploration, innovation, research and development, production, sales and service, which starts the journey of environmental protection sorting machine. Now, the team is more than 100 people.


In order to help more enterprises create profits, provide more possibilities to produce and develop circular economy, make a series of solutions for customers’ personalized materials, and produce more effective sorting equipment, Haibao continues to learn the advanced technology of sorting equipment at home and abroad. Haibao is improving sorting equipment to effectively remove various impurities in the mixture, improving the purity of individual materials, and improving the separating accuracy. Turning garbage into high-value products that can be recycled and recycled.


Our main products are:

Electrostatic sorter: Highly compatible plastic sorting equipment, used for mixed plastics that are difficult to be sorted by various density flotation methods, including: ABS, PS, submerged PP/PP, PE/ flame retardant ABS, flame retardant PS/PET , PVC / PA, PVC/ and other mixed plastic sorting, the purity can reach 98%


Silicone rubber sorting machine: It applied for scrap plastics from electronic waste, automobile crush impurities and household waste plastics. Silicone, rubber, wood, paper scraps and dust can be sorted from plastics. After sorting, the plastic contains impurities 0.2%.


NIR infrared sorting machine: It also called intelligent sorting machine, suitable for all kinds of plastics, papers, metals, and ores. This machine can be customized according to materials. With high resolution sensor, NIR is able to separate diverse mixtures and 2 mm particles, get better throughput and improve sorting rate.


Metal sorting machine: It adopts the electromagnetic sensor imported from Germany and the high-frequency solenoid valve imported from the United States, combined with the diversified sorting program of independent research and development, and is widely used in the sorting of mixtures of metals and non-metals.


Belt-type color sorter: it adopts original dual vibrator transformation design and advanced optical design, which can be controlled remotely and operated visually and intelligently. It is more simple to use. It is suitable for ore, plastic, metal, agricultural products, etc.


Chute color sorter: it adopts cloud brain interconnection, intelligent world, quality and wisdom elimination, new design, space saving, and greater capacity; applicable materials: agricultural products such as rice, nuts, grains, etc., industrial products such as plastic, industrial salt, etc.


Haibao customers from all over the world, and Haibao machines have always got good comments.   We are keen to work together with you to protect the global environment and our homes. Shoulder to shoulder, let us create a green and environmental home, save resources, turn waste into revenue, and build the future for the next generation.

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Post time: Jun-18-2020