Brine Separation Method

Dongguan Haibao Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer who makes sorting solutions to deal with solid plastic waste . After 5 years of transformation, it has quietly become the leader of Chinese sorting industry. With the rapid development of the world, Haibao recognizes the seriousness of plastic environmental pollution, and determines to try our best to protect the environment. Therefore, Haibao has been committed to research and develop waste plastic sorting technology.

Today I will introduce to you a very simple plastic sorting method, that is, saline water sorting method. As the name implies, it uses clear water to remove dust and sediment from plastics, at the same time, uses the properties of plastics that sink and float in water, the effect of preliminary sorting has been reached. For example, ABS \ PS \ PA and a small amount of finished PP will float at 13 ° brine.

Everyone sees here, and another question arises, how should the plastic be dried after cleaning? Should we spread it out naturally on the pavement? How much manpower and material resources are required? Haibao has already considered such details, a feeding machine with a heating module can perfectly solve this problems. After preheating, the heating module can reach 150 degrees Celsius, which can quickly evaporate the residual water in the plastic, so that it will not affect the plastic sorting effect.

A series of sorting machine in Haibao is highly compatible and suitable for sorting more than 10 kinds of plastic materials; high purity, up to 98% -99%; high output, up to 2-3T / H, low energy consumption, saving 2 million dollars every year. With the advantages of “three highs and one low”, Haibao has repeatedly won the affirmation and favor of customers.

Finally, please pay attention to environmental pollution. With the development of society, people are rushing to cities frantically. The process of urbanization seems to be irresistible. We bid farewell to the self-sufficient rural life and headed for arrogant city. The convenience and resources of the city make our lives more convenient. People carry big or small bags of daily necessities into the doors that are often closed, and then take out the contents of the bags and discard plastic bags, most of us are doing such simple things every day, but this has gradually planted bad consequences for our healthy life.

According to statistics, since the 1950s, there have been approximately 4.9 billion tons of solid plastic waste on the planet that has not been incinerated or recycled. If these garbage are piled together, its size is equivalent to the size of Manhattan, and its height can reach more than 70 meters, which is terrible.

There is only one earth, and it is our common responsibility to care for it, so do you think what should we do?

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Post time: Dec-20-2019